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Enforcing the collection of delinquent tax obligations by levying a wage garnishment on your income, is one of the most attention grabbing tactics used by the IRS.  An IRS wage garnishment can reach all forms of compensation you receive, including wages, bonuses, per diems, and other forms of employee compensation.  Retirees, SSI recipients, veterans,  and the self employed are also vulnerable to wage garnishments, as the IRS can levy upon pensions, SSI disability benefits, VA benefits, and accounts receivables.

What makes the wage garnishment such a formidable tactic in the IRS' collection enforcement arsenal, is that the taxpayer is usually unsuspecting and ill-prepared for the abrupt reduction in take home pay.  As a matter of law, the IRS (or any tax authority for that matter) is not required to provide specific notice that they intend to pursue a wage garnishment; they need only issue you a Final Notice of Intent to Levy  your assets, which includes everything from real property, bank accounts, wages, and intangible property interests.  

Taxpayers are typically notified of a wage garnishment after the levy notice has been served upon their employers, vendors, or other paying agents.   Once served, they are generally required to remit the levied funds directly to the IRS on the first pay cycle after the notice is served.  While there are several factors that go into calculating exactly how much of a taxpayer's income can be garnished,  it is commonly held that other than a standard allowance for basic living expenses, as much as 70% of a taxpayer's take home pay is subject to wage garnishment.

Unlike bank levies, wage garnishments are continuous levies.  They remain in effect until the underlying tax liability has been satisfied, or the statute of limitations runs out; whichever occurs first.  If you have recently discovered that the IRS intends to enforce tax collection through a wage garnishment, you must take immediate action.  

The pros at Harris Tax and Financial Solutions know how to get a wage garnishment released before your next payday.   

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IRS Wage Garnishments Stopped before your next Payday

 Trish Harris EA, M.B.A
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